1. Increase your Brain power

Feed your mind the way you feed your stomach.

Life is about connecting the dots and so is the brain! You need to increase the connections to speed up information processed in and out and improve your brain's functionality. You can easily achieve this by committing to exercise! The more intense you do it the better you are connected, not only to information from the outside world but most importantly, information that lies within yourself. Unleash your creativity and talent by dusting off your training shoes!

2. Feel younger

Envy. Envy. Envy! Is that how you feel every time you watch them walking the red carpet? Well ditch the bad feeling & be the 'cat-woman' yourself! Committing to a physical activity doesn't only empower your brain, but it also increases flexibility. Reach that top pantry shelf feeling like 18 year old you!

Keep moving to renew your cells from the inside out and get rid of your skin toxins, like acnes and other skin problems. Eventually, your muscles are more toned and firm…leaving you feeling fabulous!

3. Muscle Power

What's in it for you to have toned muscles in the 1st place?! Body fat and weight reduction, increased energy levels, build stamina… to name a few! You'll feel better from the inside out! When you're body is working with you rather than against you…you'll have more confidence and strength, stretching that beautiful smile from ear to ear!

4. Stress Releaser

Life doesn't wait! Work, kids, family, friends, school…all of this is built up stress that's looking for a way out. By channeling that stress into an intense workout or a morning jog…you're turning what usually brings you down into positive energy. At its simplest form, exercise 'burns' the bad emotions and elevates the good ones.

5. كن نفسك

It's not a myth, it's a fact! Earn your self-esteem and self-confidence through regulating exercise as a daily routine. Burn away the hormones that are responsible for negative self talks and uncertainty and bring to life the ones that assure a better you…we're talking endorphins here!

Yasmian Al-sharshani

As a professional female Qatari Golf player, eating the right food is vital to support my training and optimize my performance. Diet delights helped me achieve my objective by tailoring a diet that meets my needs and my body's requirements.

It is with a great pleasure that I share with you my experience with them. Since it is hard to find healthy food around Doha, Diet Delights has been, not only just a convenient choice, but the most suitable one in offering a variety of healthy and delicious meals at the same time. Their delivery service was just as important, since it saved me time spent searching for a good meal with my busy daily schedule. Finally, whether you want to lose weight, maintain your weight or you are just looking to enjoy a healthy delicious meal, Diet Delights is the right place for you!

Elie Farha

I've always been involved in sports and exercise my whole life and have tried to eat healthy since my cholesterol level exceeded the borderline few years ago. When I did my first marathon, I was so thrilled with the achievement but I knew I could do better in the next one, and if I wanted to go faster and continue with endurance races, I needed to change my training plans and of course work on my diet. Therefore I reached out to Diet Delights for assistance before my next Beirut Marathon race.

The Dietitian explained the nutrition plan I should have – what and when to eat, from Carb loading to protein intake, and how it should be synchronized with the training plan, I was amazed at how simple and common sense the information she talked about. Immediately, I signed up with daily meals for 3 months period. My goal was to get in the best shape possible, to beat my marathon time and also to maintain my weight keeping in mind the exhausting daily runs.

The food provided was delicious and many options to choose from and there were no temptations or excuses for getting off track. I religiously followed Diet Delights plan.

I shaved off 50 minutes from my personal best, I started at 71 kg with 15% body fat and after the race I was still at 71 kg but with 9% body fat. Thanks Christelle, and Diet Delights crew for this amazing journey!


An intensive yet healthy program designed to be the silver bullet for slow burners and dieters suffering from diet plateau to help boost their metabolism and shed their last extra pounds

Speed Up

Help your little ones be healthy at home and at school. For little ones and adolescents, a program designed to cover the increased needs of this demanding stage and at the same time appeal to picky eaters


Help your little ones be healthy at home and at school. For little ones and adolescents, a program designed to cover the increased needs of this demanding stage and at the same time appeal to picky eaters


For mothers-to-be, expecting mothers, lactating and later to menopause; For "her" to help her through womanhood at her healthiest


Individualized exclusion diet for patients with food intolerances to help them achieve better wellbeing and decrease symptoms like irritable bowel and migraine and help patients reintroduce their intolerances progressively


To win the challenge of achieving and maintaining ideal body composition, help muscle building and covering needs for optimal performance; athletes also have a share on Diet Delights menu

Weight Loss Programs

Diet Delights Clinic provides you with the opportunity to work with a Dietitian in order to achieve a healthier you

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