Meet Our Team


Christelle Abi Rached

Driven by her passion for the startling world of nutrition; Mrs Abi Rached started her career in clinical practice where she helped patients struggling with overweight, emotional eating and medical complications establish a healthy relationship with food. She has also worked in nearly every aspect of nutrition communications - as a preceptor, inpatient hospital practitioner, on staff magazine writer, blogger, speaker, regular TV guest, and clinical counselor.

Mrs. Abi Rached's profession is highlighted with delivering quality and evidence-based medical nutrition therapy and translating nutrition science into practical advice to promote healthy eating lifestyles. Mrs Abi Rached plays a key role in the development of new products, programs, and services. She helps ensure that the programs meet dietary needs within nutritional guidelines. She continually stays abreast of health related topics and recommendations made by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietitics.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Christelle Abi Rached is an experienced dietitian with a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition from the American University of Beirut, and is currently the Head dietitian at Diet Delights nutrition center in Doha. Read More


Joelle Chahine

Mrs Chahine’s practice is not only limited to weight management counseling as she also helps patients make informed food choices to manage medical complications and critical illnesses.

Throughout her practice, she has been an avid spokesperson for Diet Delights. She has participated in community work, lectures and campaigns focusing on childhood nutrition and women’s health. She has also collaborated with governmental and private organizations to transmit the gift of health through practical advice and scientific guidelines.

Joelle Chahine serves as a licensed Clinical Dietitian at Diet Delights. Recipient of a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from the American University of Beirut, she has been counseling people for weight management for over 6 years using evidence-based information to help them implement healthy lifestyle changes. Read More


Pamela Mitri

Having received her Master’s from one of the top Sports universities in the UK, Pamela possesses the skill to consult active individuals and athletes to support their training and prepare them for sports competitions.

She presented lectures on My Food plate, the importance of fruits and vegetables intake and the benefits of staying active at Katara Childhood Cultural Center, Oum Ayman schools and others. She also featured on Qatar TV and Al Jazeera children channel to discuss healthy eating habits during Ramadan and other nutrition related topics. Being a health and fitness advocate, Pamela, also a Certified Zumba® Fitness Instructor teaches weekly classes, practices yoga and HIT training during her free time.

Pamela Mitri is a Clinical Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Sports Nutrition from Loughborough university-UK. She has been providing nutrition counseling for almost 3 years and has helped hundreds of people to lose weight and keep it off through applying behavioral modification and lifestyle changes. Read More


Magali Mansour

Ms. Mansour is a 2010 graduate of Notre Dame University with a BSc. in Nutrition and Dietetics. In 2013, she graduated from the American University of Beirut with a M.Sc. degree in Public Health- Epidemiology.

Ms. Mansour started her clinical practice in Lebanon where she was part of a diverse team of doctors. She also worked as a research assistant at AUB and was involved in many scientific papers such as the “WHO report on non-communicable diseases in Lebanon” and “The impact of nutrient deficiencies and malabsorptions on mental health”. As a researcher, she conducted her own study on the associations of behavioral risk factors with blood lipid profile in older adults. Ms. Mansour is also a certified fitness trainer

Magali Mansour is a Clinical Dietitian at Diet Delights, Qatar where she also served as a Quality Control Officer. Read More


Tais Morelli

She received her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition in 2008 from the University of Don Bosco, Brazil and went on to complete her post-graduate degree in Clinical and Nutritional Care in 2009. Mrs Morelli’s specialty emphasizes esthetic nutrition in all its aspects: body shaping, supplementation and dietary prescription in pre and post- cosmetic surgery, as well as dietary implications in the treatment of cellulite, stubborn fat and sagging.

She is also passionate about cooking and preparing new healthy recipes for special dietary prescriptions such as gastrointestinal disorders, food allergies and intolerances using functional wholesome ingredients. She also has extended knowledge in nutritional therapy to prevent and treat illnesses, weight management and customized meal planning.

Coming all the way from Brasil, Mrs Tais Morelli joined Diet Delights Qatar to put her clinical expertise in practice. As a licensed dietitian, she promotes health through motivating patients to choose better food and adapt active lifestyles. Read More